Seeing Machines Technology enables GM Super Cruise Driver Assistance System



Australian Seeing Machines, an industry leader in computer vision technologies which enable machines to see, understand and assist people, announces the automotive production debut of its FOVIO driver monitoring technology in the 2018 Cadillac CT6.  The FOVIO based driver monitoring system (DMS) forms an integral part of General Motors’ industry leading Super Cruise hands-free driving system for the highway, ensuring safe and confident vehicle operation.

Overcoming the challenges of reliable driver monitoring is critical in hands-free driving systems to address the need for keeping drivers engaged and prepared to re-take control of the vehicle when required. The Cadillac Super Cruise system uses FOVIO vision technology, developed by Seeing Machines, to enable a gumdrop-sized infrared camera on the steering wheel column to accurately determine the driver’s attention state.

Seeing Machines Technology Enables GM Super Cruise Driver Assistance System

Determining driver attention state is accomplished through a precise measure of head orientation and eyelid movements under a full range of daytime and night-time driving conditions including the use of sunglasses.  If the driver looks away from the road or closes their eyes for more than a few seconds, a light bar integrated into the steering wheel will flash to guide the driver’s attention back to the road.  If the system determines that the driver is continuing to ignore the road, intentionally or otherwise, a series of escalating visual, audible, seat vibration alerts are employed.  This is followed, eventually, by an automatic safe stop of the vehicle if the driver does not, or cannot, return their attention to the road.

“Keeping the driver engaged is one of the requirements for Super Cruise,” said Jon Lauckner, GM’s Chief Technology Officer. “With the help of Seeing Machines we were able to develop a driver attention system that was effective, but not intrusive.”

The launch of Super Cruise marks the beginning of Seeing Machines mass deployment of DMS technology in the automotive industry. This is coincident with the company’s ongoing work with a growing range of OEM and Tier 1 partners, as demand increases for the FOVIO DMS platform and processor in support of semi-autonomous driving, driver safety, comfort, and convenience applications.

Mike McAuliffe, CEO of Seeing Machines added: “The Seeing Machines team has worked very hard on this breakthrough Driver Attention System (DAS) technology for a number of years and is proud to have helped GM bring to market the world’s first hands-free driving system for the highway, with Super Cruise. We look forward to continuing our GM partnership as we continue to advance the development and integration of our driver monitoring technology into GM’s DAS.”

Seeing Machines, is an industry leader in computer vision technologies which enable machines to see, understand and assist people. The Company deploys its machine learning vision platform to deliver real-time understanding of drivers through AI analysis of heads, faces and eyes, for Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) in most Transport sectors. DMS detects and manages drowsiness, distraction and cognitive state of Drivers which is key enabling technology for automotive ADAS/Autonomous Driving as well as for Guardian, the Company’s pioneering aftermarket commercial fleet solution. The Company also serves Aviation, Rail, Off-Road markets and is enabling next generation applications for precision eye tracking, offering solutions from embedded software and FOVIO processors to aftermarket system and service solutions. Based in Canberra, Australia with offices and people in USA and Europe, the Company’s products have been adopted by global industry leaders in its markets.