H&M will bring its plush COS Brand to U.S.

H&M will bring its plush COS Brand to U.S.

Swedish H&M Hennes & Mauritz apparel giant plans to bring its more urban and upscale brand COS Collection of Style to the U.S. as brick and mortar stores and as well with an online portal prior to the summer shopping season 2014

With the adding of COS H&M will be a closer competitor to Zara (Inditex) than with the H&M stores where it is closer to competitors such as Gap Inc. and Forever 21. Currently H&M is operating 75 COS stores around the world and it projects to open further 40 next year. COS started to evaluate the U.S. market in October by a so called po9p-up store in Soho, selling a selection of men’s and women’s pieces from its fall collection. Supposedly COS is generating billions of Swedish Kroner in sales.

According to findings of the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. market is the second largest for H&M in terms of revenue and just behind Germany. However the American chain generates les revenue by store than the ones in Germany. H&M has around 300 stores in the U.S., in Germany 400, and in China around 170.



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