Is black Friday to settle all economic and retail problems ?

Is black Friday to settle all economic and retail problems ?

On November 29, 2013 there will be the famous black Friday sales take place in the USA, but the institution is now also established in Europe, namely in Germany and Russia

In Germany 50 online shops will offer exclusive items or a total of 500 retailers with a million deals in total. Among we find Apple, GRAVIS, Saturn, Deichmann, Galeria Kaufhof, Thje Body Shop, Dell, Runners Point and Yves Rocher. In Russia we find names like Groupon, and the largest Russian e-commerce retailer

In 2012 and in Australia on November 20, 2013 became the most sales intensive day of the year, far above all traditional holiday shopping days by 36 %.

German BlackFridaySale will offer for 24 hours special shopping goods at particularly low prices.

In the U.S. many retailers have already markedly reduced their offerings and they all hope for outstanding results of Black Friday expected to be indicative for the holiday season business. But some reservations have to be made, the American consumer is still holding back on expenditure and it is unclear if a new record of sales can be expected.

Consumer sentiment has recovered a bit since the government shutdown and debt fight, however preliminary reading on the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan index of consumer sentiment shows that consumer sentiment is at their darkest in two years. A survey sponsored by the National Retail Federation showed the average shopper plans to spend about 2 % less for Christmas gifts this year. Experts estimate: There are potential setbacks for retailers in the store! Morgan Stanley predicts 2013 will become the weakest holiday season since 2008.

The only light spot that things will change more positively is the fact, that from June to September after tax income rose 1.4 % and this would suggest to a 5.4 % hike in holiday sales. Also other factors might turn the page, such as the drop of gasoline price to its lowest level since early 2011 and the surprising October employment report. These factors might intrigue shoppers to spend generously on gifts. There is one thing a given fact, at the end of 2013 we will get the definitive results.

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