Swedish clothier KappAhl publishes supplier list

Swedish clothier KappAhl publishes supplier list

On the Swedish clothier KappAhl has published on October 29, 2013 its own supplier list on its website to contribute further to increased transparency and faster development of textile production. The company wishes to promote a further dialogue with other stakeholders in the ongoing sustainability efforts

The reason for publishing KappAhl’s supplier list is connected that the brand is associated with fashion, design and quality. It also stands for responsibility, care and safety. Sustainability is an integrated part of the daily activities. KappAhl acts with a long term business perspective and strives to work proactively with issues related to quality, environment, safety, working conditions and social matters.

For many years, the company has worked hard to build strong relationships with its suppliers, based on knowledge sharing, mutual trust and transparency. By publishing the list, KappAhl contributes to increased transparency and accelerated development of conditions in textile production. The company promotes additionally further dialogue with other stakeholders in the ongoing sustainability efforts.

The publication was preceded by an extensive effort to maintain good long term relationships with suppliers and from a competitive perspective, secure access to the best production of each and every occasion.

On the link below there is the full list of suppliers with their origin and address. On the same link there is also a list of forbidden chemicals or those in limited to light non-harming use in company’s products.



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