The 2013 globally latest technologies from R&D

The 2013 globally latest technologies from R&D

On November 19, 2013 the 50 globally latest technologies from R&D will presented at GIL (Growth, Innovation and Leadership) Germany Congress by Frost & Sullivan in Frankfurt (D)

Newly developed technologies fail to 85 % to enter the marketplace. Companies and investors need pertinent information, to decide on the potential of a new technology, to estimate real market potential and to evaluate chances and risks.

50 of the globally most innovative technologies will be presented at GIL in Frankfurt on November 19, 2013. Frost & Sullivanj Tecdhnical Insights Director, Ashokkumar Ankiit Shukla will present the results of the Research Study TechVision at the daylong event. Technlogical developments, having a groundbreaking effect on markets in the next two to three years showcase the majority of the actual activities in R&D. The to be presented  technologies derive of the sectors sensors and steering, materials and coating, environment and sustainable energy, IT and communication technology, micro-electronics, health and wellness, medical devices and image based procedures, as well as modern production and automation systems.

A part from the 50 most imminent technologies the global Technical Insights Team has identified convergence trends that can come to realisation only in combination with these new technologies. The trends indicate developments in a variety of branches and markets.

For example, self-healing organs are possible that were science fiction only a short time ago. Today these can be realised in combination with carbon fibres, chameleon plastics and 3D printers. The combination of these technologies will reduce the danger of tissue rejection reactions.

Another example is an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) that can be customised to serve as patient’s tele-monitoring. The ingredients are IT technologies (Augmented Reality, Cloud computing, analysis of high data volume, visualising of data) and sensors for CBRNE-dangers. The combination of chosen IT and sensor technologies may allow personalised diagnosis instruments in the future to monitor and administer chronic and episode acute deceases.

TechVision will present each technology showcased in a comprehensive manner and evaluates the market potentials as well the chances-risk-profile. The technical development assessment analyses the acceptance quota and will point to the possible year of introduction and gives hints to the patent situation. Also private and government financing trends will be presented and roadmaps for future technologies and applications will be explored.

Other topics of GIL 2013 Congress will be megatrends and their influence on European and German markets, 360 degree perspectives for the branches such as automotive, transportation, energy, environment and health care. Also interactive CEO panels will be offered. The concluding event will be in the evening the 2013 Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Awards banquette. At  Jumeirah Hotel, Frankfurt (D).    

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