BASF is about to improve further its Performance Products segments

BASF is about to improve further its Performance Products segments

A series of measures are destined to further enhance BASF the German Chemical giant’s Performance Products segment and to strengthen its competiveness

As part of its long term pigment strategy, BASF will enhance customer focus and continue to design differentiated products in high value applications, as well as optimising the global production network. As a result, some 650 positions globally will be at stake by 2017. At the same time, BASF will pour EUR 250 million in the next four years in its production network as well as in R&D.

The global production network for pigments will include the closure of the Paisley plant in Scotland and the restructuring of the Huningue plant in France. Additionally, BASF is exploring strategic options for the site in Maastricht (NL). The planned investments will further strengthen the production footprint in Asia Pacific, the fastest growing market. This also includes the start-up and expansion of a plant for high performance pigments at BASF’s wholly owned production site in Nanjing, China, and the expansion fo the BASF pigments plant in Ulsan, Korea.

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