Successfull re-shoring of manufacturing in the USA

Successfull re-shoring of manufacturing in the USA

At SelectUSA  summit, Walmart and U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penney Pritzker, announced new U.S. Manufacturing Commitments. Overall supplier commitments top 1600 new jobs since January 2013 and investment of USD 100 million, including the manufacturing of socks, televisions, light bulbs and hardware since the announcement of Walmart’s Manufacturing Commitment to purchase additional USD 50 billion in U.S. made products over the next 10 years

Building on Walmart’s commitment to purchase an additional USD 50 billion in U.S. made products over the next 10 years, Walmart U.S. President and CEO Bill Simon and the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker announced on October 31, 2013 at the SelectUSA 2013 Invetment Summit that three suppliers have made new domestic manufacturing commitments that will create 385 jobs. The companies are Elan-Polo, Louis Hornick & Company and EveryWare Global Inc. They will produce footwear, curtains and glassware. Simon declared: “The announcement is a great example of the progress that’s being made, and it highlights opportunities existing for manufacturers to invest in the USA by re-shoring or expanding their manufacturing in America. Companies, government officials and industry leaders are working together to increase manufacturing and these efforts are helping more Americans to get into good paying jobs and more business reinvest in the U.S. economy.”

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker stated: We are hosting the SelectUSA Summit to showcase why there has never been a better time to invest in America, and Walmart supports that effort. For retailers like Walmart, who they choose to buy from makes a difference. Since Walmart announced its commitment earlier this year to buy an addition USD 50 billion in U.S. made products over the next 10 years, manufacturers have committed to investments in the U.S. that will create more than 1600 jobs. This builds on that success, and demonstrates that companies truly recognise the advantages of investing in America”.

Elan-Polo, Inc., a global footwear and 35 year Walmart supplier, will start production of injection-moulded footwear in March 2014 at a factory in Hazelhurst, Georgia (USA), as part of a joint venture with McPherson Manufacturing. Once at full capacity, this new facility will create 250 jobs and produce 20000 pairs of shoes per day. Previously, the company manufactured the shoes overseas.

EveryWare Global, Inc, manufacturing bake ware, beverage ware, tabletop and household glassware, will produce Mainstays Canning Jars for Walmart at its plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania (USA). The company is investing USD 1.8 million to expand factory capacity and establish a new product line made in the U.S. The agreement will create new manufacturing jobs in Monaca. Founded in 1905, Anchor Hocking, an EveryWare Global brand, has been supplying products to Walmart for over 25 years and has 1811 employees in the U.S.

Louis Hornick & Company, a leading manufacturer and importer of window coverings and home textiles, will invest USD 2.5 million to establish a new manufacturing facility in Allendale County, South Carolina.  The investment is expected to create 125 new jobs over the next three years. The company has been supplying Walmart for 40 years. The company is not just building a facility, it is moving to South Carolina.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has been holding the first ever SelectUSA 2013 Investment Summit to connect foreign and domestic investors with local, state, and regional economic development organisations in an effort to promote investment and job creation in the U.S. More than 1200 attendees from nearly 60 countries around the world participate in the conference, along with economic development officials from 47 states, the District of Columbia and three U.S. territories.

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