Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers repeat mission to Indonesia

Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers on mission to Indonesia

Last May ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers participated in the Sistema Italia Mission to Indonesia and will now schedule two symposiums in Indonesian Solo on November 11 and in Bandung on November 13, 2013

According to an ACIMIT press release some of Italy0ps leading textile machinery producers will be presenting their latest products to the Indonesian textile community. In 2012, Italy exported textile machinery to Indonesia for EUR 38 million (+30 %), and during the first six months of the ongoing year exports exceeded EUR 18 million, mostly spinning machines (40 %) and finishing machines (29 %).

Raffaela Carabelli, President of ACIMIT commented: “During the institutional mission last May, we were able to witness just how much the local authorities are committed to promote the textile industry in order to increase their export production, today of around 60 %.” In Indonesia there are over 3000 manufacturing companies, thereof 43 % in the island of Java, where Bandung is located, and 13 % in the central area of the same island, where Solo is located.

The mission should strengthen the Italian textile machinery position in Indonesia and ACIMIT members see still potential to enhance the business relationship.

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