New flat knitting machine from German H. Stoll

New flat knitting machine from German H. Stoll



German H. Stoll GmbH & Co.KG in Reutlingen has recently launched its new CMS ADF flat knitting machine by setting a new milestone in the evolution of the company’s knitting generation

The new machine has a new yarn carrier technology and the machine is offering knitting in structural technique and colour combinations. It sets a new standard with its 16 rails equipped with two yarn carriers each. It includes also a multi-gauge and flexible gauge features. The universal yarn carriers are designed for use in almost any knitting application. The advanced 32 motorised yarn carriers’ technology makes the machine versatile. The carriers move independently and can position themselves vertically or horizontally, with positioning controlled by pattern programme. This configuration is catering to the customer in view to unlimited possibilities for patterns and colour combinations. With intarsia plating, colour nuances can be added to individual or multiple pattern areas. The machine offers also more efficiency and ergonomic improvements.

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