Global Textile Trade is recovering in 2013

Global Textile Trade is recovering in 2013

According to the latest estimates by PCI Fibres and based on an analysis of merchandise in all fibre types, natural and manmade (MMF), apparel trade by weight was down two percent in 2012, but for 2013 it could add 4 % to reach 16.5 million t. Taking merchandise in MMF, apparel trade seems to grow by 8 % 2013 to reach 8 million t

PCI Fibres actually comments that in textiles, defined as spun yarns, fabrics for onward processing, and household and technical articles, growth across all the fibre types is up in the ongoing year by an estimated 7.5 %, to reach some 24.7 million t. Thereof the MMF part is growing by 10 % to reach 13.7 million t in 2013. PCI Fibres takes also note of the trade in other products containing MMF, such as shoes, luggage, automobiles and the rest. This market totalled in 2012 an estimated three million t in fibre terms, and is expected to grow in the ongoing year by 5 %.

In such analysis it is of course not possible to separate merchandise that is imported at one stage of production and then re-exported at another stage, thus there is an element of double counting. Fabrics shipped from China to South East Asia might, for example, be converted to apparel for export to Europe or the USA.

As the figures stand, however the direct fibre weight of textiles, apparel and other merchandise traded across regions in 2012 represented just over half of global consumer demand, while in the MMF sector such trade represented 40 %. International trade in apparel and textiles means more to the natural fibres sector, rather than MMF.

PCI Fibres is also the organiser of the PCI Fibres Conference 2013 from November 7 – 8 , 2013 in Hong Kong. See also TextileFuture’s Event Calendar

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