A fashion designer name to be noted: Ivana Helsinki

A fashion designer name to be noted: Ivana Helsinki

imagesIn 1998 Pirjo and Paola Suhonen (sisters) founded the fashion company Ivana Helsinki’s 31 in Helsinki, Finland. Today 65 % of the company’s sales are exported, foremost to Japan

Pirjo handles marketing and Paola is the designer of the lines. The collections are not made with current trends in mind. The spring/summer 2014 collection has been shown at New York Fashion Week in September 2013. It was inspired by the film “The Bridges of Madison County”. The company is the first Nordic fashion brand to attain a regular spot in the fashion calendars of both the Paris and New York Fashion Weeks. In 2012 Ivana Helsinki opened a concept store in New York City (USA). The brand is composed of Paola’s middle name Ivana and Helsinki points to the origin of the designs.

Japan is an important market for the company, and the local chain Uniqlo launched a line of Ivana Helsinki clothing this fall.


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