German Trützschler celebrates 125 years of history

German Trützschler celebrates 125 years of history

Today German family enterprise celebrated its 125th anniversary with the fourth generation at its helm and the fifth already waiting to assume their responsibilities in some years ahead.The ceremony was attended by Trützschler family members and owners Heinrich Trützschler and Dr. Michael Schürnkrämer, the two other managing directors, as well as representatives of academia, politics and members of the press

Heinrich Trützschler gave an overview of the historic developments over the past 125 years and was praising the form of family managed enterprise as a prerequisite for success, not only in the past but also for the future. The family managed and owned company is also base upon trust and loyalty of the company’s employees, many staying in services over decades and family members follow to fill positions with Trützschler over generations.

Dr. Michael Schürenkrämer outlined the foresight of the three generations managing the company before the actual fourth generation and mentioned the main products of Trützschler, manufacture up to around 70 % in Mönchengladbach, Germany and mostly on own planed and erected production means. The card business (the most recent product is type TC11) has a share of around 50 % of turnover, amounting to EUR 400 million with worldwide around 3000 employees, nine production facilities in Europe, China, India, USA and Brazil, most of them – with the exception of China and Europe, in the 1970’s or beyond and thus well implanted in their home countries or regions. In recent times Trützschler has acquired companies complementing its own product palette in spinning preparation, card clothing and was expanding into the nonwoven sector as well as into the sector of technical and industrial yarn producing machinery. All in all, very logic technologies built round the core capabilities of Trützschler. From Mönchengladbach, around 95 % of the production goes into exports.

Heinrich Trützschler underlined that the annual investment in further enhancement of the company is between 5 to 6 % of turnover, sometimes even up to 8 %, at the headquarter of Trützschler’s intelligence and management in Mönchengladbach.

Also managing director Dr. Dirk Burger (former head of Oerlikon Textile) presented in his speech some more details on the group member companies from and their history. TextileFuture will reveal some more details on Trützschler group in the next several days.

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