Educational session by IFAI on driving industrial fabrics beyond the USA

Educational session by IFAI on driving industrial fabrics beyond the USA

IFAI Industrial Fabrics Association International reveals in its IFAI 2013 State of the Industry Report that Mexico is number one in the U.S. specialty fabric export market, accounting for a share of 41.5 % in 2012, thus the 2013 IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo and Advance Textiles Conference & Trade show (October 23 – 29, 2013 in Orlando, Florida) will offer an education programme, featuring an expanded look at government policy sessions, including two workshops focusing on the global landscape of specialty fabrics and Technical Textile industries

The educational programme entails on October 23, 2013, Exporting to Mexico, Central America and the Andean Countries where an OTEXA specialist will walk attendees through the beginning stages of international sales to seasoned exporter status, from market identification through the shipping of products. On October 24 the topics will be Trade Agreements – the impacts on the industry and how one can influence the outcomes. A panel of trade experts will discuss, providing and updating on trade agreements, specifically the current TPP and TTIP negotiations. Attendfees will hear how they impact the specialty fabrics industry, including the Berry Amendments, and how they can help influence the outcomes. The presentation is organised by the U.SIFI the U.S. Industrial Fabrics Institute.  

The 2013 IFAI Specialty Fabrics Export and Advanced Textiles Conference & Trade Show also offers a full component of advanced textiles programming, as well as business power programmes, among other programming. Advanced Textiles Programming will showcase advanced modifications of textile surfaces, advanced textiles fundaments, smart textiles programme and new developments in advanced textiles. The business power programmes will have the following highlights: survive and thrive strategies, winning sales and service strategies and work smart strategies.

The IFAI (the world’s leading and longest running specialty fabrics trade organisation since 1912) activities are concurrently with the Specialty Printing & Imaging Technology SGIA Expo 2013 and on the same premises at the Orange County Convention Centre, in Orlando, Florida (USA).

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