Textile Exchange has new Board and Advisory Council Members

TE Textile Exchange has a three layer executive organisation, the Governing Board (TE Global), TE Europe and the Advisory Council. These groups hold governance and strategic direction of TE and related activities.  The governance group includes people and companies from across the value chain and diversity from around the world.

Lately Paolo Foglia ICEA, Bologna Italy and Shona Quinn, Eileen Fisher, La Canada California were elected to the Textile exchange Governance Board.

TE Europe Board of Trustees has four new members, namely Mahesh Ramakrishnan, Arvind Ltd., India, Ben Ramsden, Pants to Poverty (Great Britain), Heinrich Schultz, OrganiMark, South Africa and Tong Yeung, Mecilla, China.

Five new members joined TE Advisory Council, namely Sophie Mather biiov8tion, Bristol (Great Britain), Dr. Samuel B. Moore, Hohenstein Institute, North Carolina, USA, Sreeranga Rajan, Dibella, India, Alison Ward, Consultant, Great Britain and Eric Wilmanns B&W, California, USA.

The members of the three bodies will meet in Istanbul (Turkey) prior to the 2013 Textile Sustainability Conference (November 11 – 14, 2013).

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