Ethiopia gains special interest from Italian textile machinery manufacturers

Ethiopia gains special interest from Italian textile machinery manufacturers

ACIMIT, the umbrella association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers has entered a partnership with BCaD Consulting Management PLC, an Ethiopian consulting firm, to promote Italian textile technology in Ethiopia

Following the recent institutional mission in Addis Ababa last July, ACIMI has laid groundwork towards strengthening links between Italian machinery manufacturers and Ethiopian textile that companies these are now followed by an operative partnership of ACIMIT with the local consulting firm BCaD for the promotion of Italian technology applied to the textile industry. The agreement stipulates that BCaD will act as a catalyst for requests from Ethiopian companies, promoting Italian businesses with government agencies, training institutions and Ethiopian textile operators.

ACIMIT President, Raffaella Carabelli stated: “This agreement with BCaD will allow us to consolidate a constant presence in a country that represents a new frontier for the textile sector. The recent institutional mission undertaken by the Association and coordinated by the Italian Trade Promotion Agency (ICE), as well as the Italian Embassy, have allowed us to ascertain the Ethiopian government’s strong commitment towards develo9ping its textile  industry, long considered a strategic sector, providing it with suitable technology means to meet the challenges of global competition”.

Italian exports to Ethiopia are still minor, roughly EUR 2 million in 2012, but these appear to be growing constantly over the past few years. Carabelli adds: “We are confident that the contact point developed with our Ethiopian partner will serve to allow people to get a better idea of just what our machinery manufacturers can offer to the local textile sector in terms of technology and experience, shared with textile producers with a high level of potential”.

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