DB Research estimates that German made Technical Textiles will grow 2014

DB Research estimates that German made Technical Textiles will grow 2014

The research arm of Deutsche Bank has analysed the German industrial sectors and is drawing its newest economic development conclusions for 2014

DB Research estimates for the German textile sector further growth opportunities for Technical Textiles leading 2014 to a production uptrend of around 1 % and will be based upon growing demand resulting from new applications and thus other industrial sectors, after a slight backlash of production in 2013 in the order of 0.5 %.

On the other end, the estimates for the clothing sector remains negative. The clothing industry lost already 9.3 % in 2012 and in the first seven month of the ongoing year it shrank by 2.4 %. For 2013 the analysts expect another tick downwards of around 1.5 %, and they estimate that this trend will accentuate in 2014 with a possible 7 % decrease. On the other hand, it has to be added that past turnovers of this sector were always beyond output. Many companies have made use of the international division of labour.  

The German textile industry’s net added value in 2011 amounted to EUR 3.4 billion. The share of exports in 2012 was 46.5 %. The clothing industry had a turnover in 2011 of EUR 2.2 billion, and the share of export in 2012 was 39.1 %.

Also the German engineering sector will have less output in 2013, it is estimated at -1.5 %, but improving 2014 by 4.0 %. DB Research considers the German chemical industry as less performing in view to production and expects growth rates of only one percent for all of 2013 and but better results for 2014 in the order of 3.5 %. The German automotive sector will stagnate 2013 but grow again in 2014 by 6.0 %. On the other hand plastic goods will increase production in 2013 by 1.5 % and 2014 by 3.0 % and electric and electronics will have a backlash of 2 % in the ongoing year, but expand again in 20134 by 6.0 %.


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