The secret of successful fashion export “unveiled”

The secret of successful fashion export “unveiled”

At IAF’s 29th World Fashion Convention in Shanghai (PRC) form September 23 -27, 2013, it was revealed how brands successfully export across continents and what it takes to achieve such goals

Branding session (bosideng)

Gao Mei Zhen, member of the family owning China’s famous brand Bosideng stated: “China is big state of clothing, but not yet a powerful state of clothing”.  Only by inviting foreign designers to work intensively with Chinese designers a brand is able to dare a launch in Europe, however it still takes lots of energy to get all details right.

Professor Piergiorgio Dal Santo, President of luxury brand consultancy PGDS that particularly younger Chinese middle class customers are acquiring more sophisticated tastes, that is why successful brands such as Hermès buy local Chinese brands to be able to better understand the Chinese market.

Stefan Lange, international sales director of Brax, Germany named the major challenges of the Chinese market, such as lack of good store personnel and the need to find the right location for shops in a context of overcapacity of shopping centres.

All of the speakers showed that export to distant markets is possible, but it requires dedication, patience and above all willingness to invest in learning about the other market in great detail. Bosideng gave the best reason to undertake all the trouble: “Only by facing ourselves to stronger competitors, we can understand ourselves, and keep motivated for progress, in other words, one must do the toughest thing to remain the best!”

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