Archroma is now afloat and operational

Archroma is now afloat and operational

The former textile, paper and emulsions businesses of Clariant were totally acquired as of October 1, 2013 by SK Capital Partners (USA). The business will be combined into a single entity. Archroma will continue to deliver specialised performance and colour solutions to the textile, paper, adhesives, coatings and construction industries


The new CEO of Archroma, Alexander Wessels declared today: “We are open for business with a new name and a financially strong and knowledgeable parent who believes in our technology, brand and leading market positions. I am proud to join a company with a 120 year long history of providing a portfolio of world class products and driven by a team of highly talented people who bring fresh thinking and ideas to an industry hungry for innovation.”

He continued: “With SK Capital, we strengthen our business and further improve our offering to our customers. We have all the right cards in our hand. We know who we are and what we offer to our customers – innovation, performance, technical expertise, quality, reliability, a global footpri8nt and a commitment to sustainability.”

Archroma will be headquartered in Switzerland along with the management team of Archroma’s Paper Solutions Business. The Textile Specialties Business will be managed from Singapore and the Emulsion Products Business from Brazil. The Textile Specialties will encompass fibre to finish. Archroma’s plays a key role throughout the textile supply chain, with special chemicals for pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and finishing of textiles. Product packages enhance the properties of apparel and other textiles in applications as diverse as high fashion, home textiles and special technical textiles.

Archroma, pronounced Ahr-kroh-mah, the name of the company is reminiscent of the words “arch” and “Chroma”. It represents the commitment from almost 3000 employees, 25 production sites, 35 countries and three businesses to come together in a new company to better meet customer needs. It also confirms the company’s position as a global leader in colour and specialty chemicals with strong market insights and a rich heritage of materials excellence and expertise.

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