Large Chinese order for ZinserImpact 71 from Saurer Schlafhorst

Large Chinese order for ZinserImpact 71 from Saurer Schlafhorst

One of the largest compact yarn spinners in Shandong province, Linqing Huaxing Textile Co. Ltd., and longstanding customer of German Schlafhorst, has ordered 99 ZinserImpact 71 spinning machines with totally 118800 spindlers as standalone machines with CoWeMat 396 F, as well as 16 ZinserSpeed 5M roving frames and 28 Autoconer X5, Type D from Saurer Schlafhorst

Linqing Haxing Textile Co. Ltd. processes 100 % combed cotton Ne 40 to Ne 120. It produces upt to 34000 t annually. The yarns are destined to knitting and weaving mills and are subsequently made into high quality home textiles and garments.

2013_ZinserImpact 71

The new generation of ZinserImpact 71 is specifically designed for the Asian market and meets customer requirement for high quality compact spinning machines to guarantee the production of   consistent quality of Zinser compact yarns.  The new machine generation needs no personnel intensive monitoring, requires no inspections and production cuts as a result of cleaning intervals including the ongoing machine cleaning shutdowns.

ZinserImpact 71 spinning machines are favoured by innovative companies because of its high productivity, reliability and quality.

The decision to order Autoconer X5, Type D, the Chinese customer is taking a positive step in the direction of the automation of the winding process by making use of the intelligent, innovative material flow technology integrated and adapted to the specific needs of the customer. It allows higher economic efficiency as a result of labour saving and delivers highly productive automatic package winding.

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