The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) with substantial achievements

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) with substantial achievements

The ETH Board delivered to the Swiss Federal Council a performance report for 2008 to 2012 and the addressee recognises the great achievements of the ETH Domain institutions, which have succeeded in further strengthening their leading international positions

The ETH Board presented the gratifying and dynamic progress during the reporting period and has largely implemented the performance mandate. The six institutions have steadily increased student numbers, while offering first class tuition, achieving leading global positions for their research and ensuring the efficient transfer of knowledge and technology to Switzerland’s economy and society.

The numerous highlights of the reported period include the selection of the Human Brain Project coordinated by EPFL in Lausanne, as one of the EU’s FET Flagship Programmes, the official openi9ng of ETH Zurich’s new Swiss National Supercomputing Centre 8CSCS) building in Lugano (CH), and initial construction work on the SwissFEL accelerator tunnel for the X-ray free electron laser facility at PSI, the Paul Scherrer Institute (research in elementary particle physics, life sciences, solid-state physics, material sciences, energy research and energy-related ecology).

Despite these significant achievements, certain challenges still have to be addressed, including maintaining the current high standard of teaching even as student numbers rise sharply, and supporting the advancement of women at all levels of their academic careers.

We would like to recall that TextileFuture reports from time to time on the successes of Empa, the material and science arm of ETH, and particularly on new textile relevant innovations and developments.

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