Brussels town landmark “Manneken Pis” honours Lithuanian EU Presidency

Brussels town landmark “Manneken Pis” honours Lithuanian EU Presidency

In the framework of Brussels City Festival of Folklore “Folklorissimo” Belgian Brussels town landmark boy “Manneken Pis” has been disguised into Lithuanian basketball player upon initiative of the Association of Local Authorities to introduce the city and its guests to Lithuanian culinary heritage, music, dance and traditions

UnbenanntThe main attraction of this festival is a traditional costume that the Guest Country brings to the Brussels’s ymbol, the famous statue of peeing boy “Manneken Pis”. The boy is waring Lithuanian men’s basketball team member outfit which was presented to the City Mayor by the Lithuanian city Kaunas Mayor Andrius Kupcinskas. Subsequently, the costume will be kept at the Brussels Museum of History, at the King’s House at Brussels Grand Place.

On the main square of the City, 14 tents were installed on Saturday, September 21, 2013, and three of them on behalf of Lithuania. These provide tourist information, Lithuanian gastronomy and unique Lithuanian products like herbal teas and herbal cosmetics, and traditional handicrafts like amber processing. AT one of the stands, the amber artisans symbolically demonstrate the amber route, it is also possible to see and by amber items, and even amber cosmetics or tea.  Town guests will be entertained by folk dance and song group “Poringè” from Vilnius Education University on the main stage. Usually these festivities attract around 10000 people, however, even more are expected since September 22, a Sunday is the Car-Free Day when the whole city including its entrance is closed for cars and people can use public transport for free.

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