Lenzing with new marketing concept for TENCEL/cotton

Lenzing with new marketing concept for TENCEL/cotton

Austrian Lenzing is launching at Expofil 2013 (September 17 -19, 2013) in Paris (F) its new marketing concept for TENCEL®/cotton under the motto “Natural Connection”

TENCEL®_CottonThe two cellulose fibres, TENCEL® and cotton are ideal partners enhancing each other with their specific properties. Both fibres derive from nature and possess similar properties such as good breathing. A blend with 30 % TENCEL® gives cotton fabrics a new definition, the fabric’s hand, moisture management and sheen are enhanced, thus allowing a innovative new potential for TENCEL®/cotton fabrics. Depending on the blending ratio, look and properties of these fabrics can be adapted to cater to any need.

With new marketing tools available to manufacturers and retailers, Lenzing now promotes the ideal pair TENCEL®/cotton: “For TENCEL®, cotton is the blending partner!” It is a fact that consumers are more and more interested in natural and high quality materials. The marketing is dedicated to draw the attention of such products to give them the right position in the market. According to Andreas Dorner, Lenzing Fibres Marketing Manager, underlines that “with this marketing initiative, we are providing our customers with marketing tools ideally suited to promote TENCEL®/cotton products at retail level”.

Cotton and TENCEL® are used for similar applications. Their main applications are in the clothing sector for shirts, jeans, and bed linens in the home textile sector. Bed linens and shirt applications in particular require a high quality spectrum. By mixing TENCEL®, the yarn characteristics can be enhanced in regard to strength and regularity. These aspects can be transferred to the end product and lead to a more attractive fabric with better performance characteristics. Long staple cotton with TENCEL® seems to be the logi8cal natural combination. Luxury cotton is in high demand for the finest fabrics and demand is exceeding supply. TENCEL® is used in these fabrics as equal partner. Dieter Eichinger, Vice President of Lenzing’s Textile Fibres Division specifies: “Fabrics of long staple cotton and TENCEL® unbeatable in terms of quality and visual appeal”. And he adds: The combination of both fibres gives luxury textile manufacturers and retailers a chance to differentiate from mass produced products by means of innovation and marketing”.


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