Throwing some light on the Turkish Textile Industry

Throwing some light on the Turkish Textile Industry

In the first half of 2013 the Turkish Textile Industry (w/o clothing and ready made goods) increased its exports 6.6 % to nearly USD 4.2 billion

The largest customer was Russia with USD 542.2 million, followed by Italy with USD 418.3 million and Germany with USD 213.9 million. Also the exports to the EU increased on average by 7.6 % to USD 1874.6 million. The branch of industry expects a growth of 10 % for all of 2013.

Turkish suppliers and manufacturers of semi finished goods are turning towards China. In 2008 China was ranked 25th in view to Turkish textile exports and amounted to USD 70 million, in 2010 the volume increased to 131 million, thus rank 13 and in 2012 USD 165 million. It is estimated that in the first half of 2013 the exports to China increased by 57.6 % to USD 104.6 million against the same period in 2012.

Chinese firms are investing in Turkey, such as the Chinese Texhong Textile Group Ltd. is building a 200000 m2 spinning mill in the western Turkey, Province Balikesir. The total investment amounts to USD 180 million.

Chinese textile companies do import from Turkey high quality cotton yarns and manmade and synthetic fibres, wools and various textile materials. Textile products from Turkey are used in the clothing industry in China to feed higher domestic demand.  Turkish textile firms invested in modernisation and efficiency thus in state-of-the art machinery. The industry has also shortened delivery times.

Other export destinations in Asia for Turkish textiles are India showing an increase of 31.2 % to USD 16.1 million in the first half of 2013, as well as to Pakistan recording an increase of 38.7 % to USD 8.0 million.  Another destination is North Africa where exports to Tunisia rose 20.4 % to USD 93.2 million and to Libya with an increase of 51.7 % to USD 27.8 million.

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