American VF Corp is to establish three Global Innovation Centres

American VF Corp is to establish three Global Innovation Centres


U.S. VF Vanity Fair Corporation announced recently the intent to establish three Global Innovation Centres – a groundbreaking move in the apparel industry – to focus on game changing product innovations in technical apparel, footwear and jeans

The new Centres will be staffed with teams of scientists, engineers, technical designers and key talent who will combine proprietary insights with consumer needs and a deep understanding of technology and new materials. The expected outcome will be breakthrough products driving brand equity and long term growth of VF.

According to Eric C. Wiseman, VF Chairman and CEO “these Global Innovation Centres will spark opportunities to fuel VF’s growth and shape the future of apparel and footwear. From the mass market to the mountaintop, and from the United States to South America, into Asia and Europe, and by developing and deliver innovative “must-have” products for consumers.” Consumers buy and pay more for new, differentiated, value adding products.

Wiseman specified that this marks an important step in the further development of VF’s innovation platform initiated in 2010.

The Technical Apparel Innovation Centre will be in Alameda, California. The Jeans Centre will be in Greensboro, North Carolina and the Footwear Centre will be in Stratham, New Hampshire, all in the U.S. The Centres are expected to be operational during the first half of 2014.

Wiseman concluded “This move is critical to advancing VF’s journey as it gives us a competitive advantage in the apparel industry. We will fully leverage what we learn by sharing output from the Innovations Centres across our 30-plus brands such as The North Face®, Vans®, Wrangler ® and Timberland®, to name just the largest five brands.


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