ITMA 2015 will profit from EXPO 2015

ITMA 2015 will profit from EXPO 2015

In less than three year’s time, Italy and Milan will invite to look into the future with EXPO 2015 under the motto “Feeding the Planet. Energy for life“ (May 1 – October 31, 2015), followed by ITMA 2015 (November 12 – 19, 2015) under the motto “Master the Art of Sustainable Innovation”

Expo 2015 is also in the focus to provide an extraordinary opportunity to increase the number of tourists visiting Milan, Italy and Europe. In the EU Commission’s Tourism Action Plan, EXPO is one of the events designed to attract as a universal fair more visitors. Everything will be done to ensure that it constitutes a golden opportunity to respond to the demand from the emerging middle classes – Russians, Chinese, Brazilians, Indian people – who are increasingly keen to travel.

In order to achieve this objective, the Italian Government and a variety of EU countries on the task of devising initiatives, that will  encourage longer stays (including in the low season) and promote a high quality product, stated Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Commission at the inaugural launching of the fair.

However, simplifying the procedure for issuing visas is the real key to significantly increasing tourist numbers in 2015. Tajani and his colleague Cecilia Malmström, are looking at various ways of responding to the requests which have been expressed, including at the past G20 Summit in Mexico. Thus by the end of 2013 the EU shall review the European Visa Code in order to draw up a framework of rules more in favour to tourism, and therefore visitors not only of EXPO 2015 but also to the visitors of ITMA 2015, the international European edition of textile machinery.

It is the intent of the EU to strengthening and modernising an industrial sector which is capable of boosting the agricultural food, culture, clothing and construction sectors.

With other words, contrary to the difficulties met at ITMA 2011 in Barcelona, Spain, visitor’s visa demand will be more easily to come by, therefore no one will be left out willing to attend the one or the two fairs. Certainly a welcome benefit of the preceding EXPO 2015 that ITMA 2015 will automatically enjoy the grace of a more open and speedier EU visa policy!

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