Swiss Retech Heated Godet Rolls allow added value to customers

Swiss Retech Heated Godet Rolls allow added value to customers

Swiss Retech has expanded its heated godet roll palette, including standardisation after a period of two years of intensive work by its technicians and specialists

Rectech has reduced the number of heated godet roll variants and today offers three main sizes of the proven ESM Energy Saving Motor (80/90/112) and they are available in different performance classes suitable to application and process. For these three types of motors there are different roll sizes in diameter 100 + 127 mm for the small class motor BG 80, 160 mm for the middle class BG 90, and 190 mm or 220 mm for the motors with BG 112. In addition there are different roll diameters in various lengths, aligned with the process and customers’ requirements.


Heated godet rolls as described above are in most cases heated by induction, either as a single zone or as a multi-zone induction, however heating is always a decision of the customer and his process requirements. When a multi zone godet roll is chosen, the temperature signal is transmitted and processed by means of the Retech temperature transmitter (UTR), in the case of a single zone heating, the customer has the choice of recording the temperature by means of a rotating PT100 and transmitter (UTR) or by means of a fixed PT100, whereby the temperature will be detected in the air gap of the rotating roll. A further important point is the determination of the a mounting flange (interface with the machine face) and Retech offers for this case a multi functional flange, which can be applied either as a fixed unit or as a swivelling version to enable an adjustable angle.

Heated godet rolls are also available with their own bearings building on the modular concept, also usable for a very low speed application, allowing a gear reducer and servomotor combination to be inserted if required. These are also for customers who want to use them in conjunction with a belt drive, centrally driving several heated godet rolls. In addition a liquid cooled godet roll can be applied to control and adjust the right temperature, a possible alternative solution to active heating for certain specific processes and by relying on the proven modular concept of heated godet rolls as described above.

Of course there is much more to be said on technical details, but for that there is not enough space in TextileFuture news. We therefore recommend that you do contact Retech for additional details. All in all, Retech’s offering is based upon highly efficient products and tailor made solutions to create added value for the customer, and under the motto “experts at drawing your fibres to perfection, get your inspiration”.

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