Record – a million pieces of Pi on a single micro-crystal gem

Record – a million pieces of Pi on a single micro-crystal gem

Nanojems, a Reno (USA) based micro-fabrication firm has accomplished the Guiness worthy feat of engraving on August 24, 2013 the first million digits of the infinite number pi on a crystal gem. The characters are so small that two digits can be etched on the end of a human hair


Jesse Adams, PH.D., co-founder of Nanojems stated: “There was some amazing work done by our partners and vendors in pushing the limits of the computers and electron-beam writers to make a patterning mask with a million digits. The three inch diameter test piece gives us a path for making much smaller pieces for pi pendants and lockets”. The actual creation is the first prototype for a Kickstarter project until August 27, 2013 to meet its funding goal, and, if successful, then to continue the preparation of more and smaller gems.

Nanojems is using its patented micro-engraving technology by engraving thousands of words on crystal and sapphire gems and mount these in pendants, lockets and display pieces. Each crystal comes with a serial number, letter of authenticity and a copy of the engraved text.

Why all of that? Adams explains “we plan to revolutionise jewellery, fashion and art with a light scattering marriage of technology and meaning”. For example, Nanojems Kickstarter project is also offering Instagram and Facebook mash-ups that combine up to 30 images and up to twenty thousand words of text into custom light projectable collectable items. Nanojems also manufactures a dog tag carrying 6163 word text of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence on a 0.25” square crystal. The title can be read with the naked eye and the preamble can be read with a jeweller’s loupe. The rest of the text, which makes up the stripes of the American flag, can be read with higher power magnification.

A heart locket contains the text of William Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets, with their 17700 words engraved on a crystal of the above mentioned size inside the locket. Coming soon is a dog tag with two such sized crystals and holding 90000 words from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

The pi item is also unveiling the new concept and artistic medium for displaying images, creating images within images and adorning rings, pendants and charms. The “canvas” consists of either uniform crystals or solid, thin slices of pure sapphire, which can be intricately patterned with gold and platinum and other precious metals and films. It also can be covered with translucent layer of diamond.

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