India has its first Digital Channel Trendspotters

India has its first Digital Channel Trendspotters

With a three day event at APREE 2013 at Riviera De Goa, Indian Smartube Entertainment Pvt has launched on August 23, 2013  India’s first TV online digital channel spotting trends across genres

APREE is an annual interactive knowledge exchange platform bringing advertising, PR, entertainment and event management companies together on one platform for social and business networking. A preview of the online digital channel comprehending trends from fashion and lifestyle to business, politics, sports, music, gadgets, and much more was showcased at the event as part of its launch.

Trendspotters TV is a medium for bringing the next generation trends and talents to light, especially for the upwardly mobile audience. This means cool trends from every nook and corner from across India. Young masterminds will work networked “trendspotters” round the clock to discover the newest trends. The trendspotters are handpicked and they represent a trend-savvy group of 18 to 30 year old s who are the early adopters of new trends and they will focus on discovering the next big thing, in their terms named “micro-trends”. Trendspotters TV is connected with all types of social networking web spaces existing in the worldwide web. Via the link below you gain the first insights.


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