Swedish KappAhl is making shopping easier for men

Swedish KappAhl is making shopping easier for men



KappAhl makes all efforts to offer clothing more distinctively and is now offering easier shopping in the men’s department. The new lines should tempt more men visiting the company’s stores (400 in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Czech Republic)

KappAhl conducted a detailed survey to find out what men are looking for and they have established now the corresponding offering for men. The men’s new assortment is thoroughly matched, accompanied by a clear navigation in store, including simple illustrations with tips and advice on matches, etc. in order that men can quickly find what they need and looking for. Tina Nicander, KappAhl’s Purchasing and Design Man, explains: “We have produced a modern wardrobe for men, with both basic and fashion products for preppy customers as well as jeans customers”.



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