A new dyeing machine for heavy pile fabrics launched

A new dyeing machine for heavy pile fabrics launched

The new Thies iMaster F series from German Thies GmbH is destined particularly for dyeing high pile fabrics, such as Terry Towelling

The new F series is the latest innovation for the highly successful iMaster range of dyeing machines. It features a large transport winch inside the dyeing kier to be processed with significantly reduced elongation. It results in improved stability, perfect fabric condition and appearance, and ensures economic and environmental friendly operation with advanced automation at low liquor levels, as low as 1:4 for cotton.

Thires IMG_1572

The new models are available with capacities of between 250 kg – 400 kg per chamber. The iMaster F series can be delivered with up to max. eight tubes for the 250 kg/tube, and six tubes for the 400 kg version. They are also able to process a wide range of different articles.

The new machine is equipped with a 100 % stock tank, a dosing tank and delivery system for dry salt and is particularly optimised for the production of Terry articles. The automatic self cleaning filter system always helps to achieve every time the same dyeing and treatment conditions. Manual interventions for cleaning are reduced and productivity has been increased.

Dyecontrol allows the visual display of the treatment curves to control the liquor clarity as well as the determination of the dye exhaust from the liquor. The dyer recognises if, and when the dyes migrate from the aqueous phase to the fibre. Also rinsing bath saturation can be determined, all allowing steps to be shortened and sequences to be programmed efficiently, and by making treatment processes transparent and optimised. Rinse, wash and dye baths are measured online, continuously analysed and displayed graphically.

The first machines were sold to Portugese terry tower manufacturer Mundotextile – as we have reported before – he took delivery of two iMaster F Series, each with a capacity of 400 kg.


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