Worth linking and reading

Worth linking and reading

New electronic publication devoted to Technical and Advanced Textiles

On July 15, 2013 IFAI, Industrial Fabrics Association International has launched a website and digital publication under the name of Advanced Textiles Source and particularly devoted to the highly specialised technical textiles

Advanced Textiles Source becomes the official publication of Advanced Textiles Conference & Trade Show, and of the Safety and Technical Products division of IFAI. The monthly e-publication and corresponding website contain up-to-date, relevant and expert vetted content that will be an information source for the latest news and information for multiple markets in the advanced textiles industry.

Advanced Textiles Source will serve to advance and educate a broad spectrum of technical textiles professionals, including raw material providers, material and roll goods processors, Textiles universities and training centres, as well as end product fabricators. It will cover also information by and for participants, vertically, from research and technology, to fibres and yarns, to fabric suppliers and end product manufacturers. News and information will cover product categories and innovative technologies, among military and protective, medical, interactive textiles, eco innovations and advanced composite technologies.

There will be a larger story in every market area – from ballistics to smart textiles, thermal control to medical products, requiring reaching beyond specific applications. The information has to be synthesised, making sense for anyone interested in advanced textiles, and presenting it in an appealing format, this is the pledge of the editors.

Advanced Textile Sources has named an advisory group with the following members: Dr. Philip Bradford, Assistant Professor, Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science, NCSU; Bill Christman Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gehring Textiles Inc., Dr. Blanton Godfrey, Dean of the College of Textiles, NCSU; Harold Hill, President, Glen Raven Technical Fabrics LLC; David O’Keefe, President, Advanced Fabric Technologies; Marie O’Mahony, Professor of Advanced Fashion + Textiles, Ontario College of Art + Design University (OCADU), Toronto (CND), Visiting Professor, University of the Arts, London (GB); Kevin  Smith, Director of Business Development, US BioDesign; Jos Van Hattum, Certified Consultant, Norafin Industries GmbH and Dr. Eugene Wilusz, Sejnhior Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Scientist in the Warfighter Directorate, U/.S. Army Natick Soldier RD&E Centre, Natick, Massachusetts.

IFAI is the world’s leading and longest running specialty fabrics trade and not for profit organisation since 1912, with around 1700 member companies ranging in size from one person shops to multinational corporations, and located in 55 countries. IFAI publishes six market specific-magazines and organises global industry events.



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