Autocoro 8 from Saurer Schlafhorst makes inroad in China

Autocoro 8 from Saurer Schlafhorst makes inroad in China

The newly introduced Autocoro 8 rotor spinning technology from Schlafhorst (now belonging to new Saurer Group) has made an inroad in China at various textile companies

Changzhou Qunda Textile & Raw Material Co. Ltd. has made a large scale investment with the installation of 18 new machines and Chen Chunda explains “Schlafhorst is the global market leader for rotor spinning machines and it’s Autocoro 8 is the machine with the best technology and highest production in the world”.

Also Jiangsu Yitianxia Textile Technlogy Co. Ltd. is betting on Autocoro 8, and its Shen Jilanping declares: “Our customers expect yarns of top quality. The Autocoro 8 gives us a guarantee of production always at top level, with excellent productivity and first class quality”.

Zhangjiang Changxin Textile & Co. Ltd. is focusing on the new wide ranging prospects Autocoro 8 offers in the future and Yang Zhigang is “impressed by all aspects of the Autocoro 8. The question of what is an economical lot size no longer arises, because the machine efficiency rating is always optimal, even if three lots are being produced at the same time”.


Schlafhorst is – in its own view – market and innovation leader for ring spinning, winding and rotor spinning for stable fibre yarns. The Autocoro and BD rotor spinning technology, Zinser roving and ring spinning technology and Autoconer package winding technology offers customers to produce sophisticated yarns of various counts, structures and material blends, always specifically adapted to latest market demand and trends.

The new Saurer Group declares itself as a leading textile industry group, mainly specialising in machinery and components for yarn processing. Its brands are Schlafhorst, Zinser, Allma, Voikmann, Saurer Embroidery, Accotex, Daytex, Fibrevision, Heberlein, Temco and Texparts. Turnover is around one billion CHF annually with 3800 employees in Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, USA, China, India and Singapore.

We wish to add that the newly adopted Saurer motto is “WE LIVE TEXTILE”.

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