Huntsman with less turnover and profitability

Huntsman with less turnover and profitability

The first semester of American Huntsman presents revenues of USD 5532 (5827) and an adjusted EBITDA of USD 524 million (USD 783 million)

The business segments performed as follows: Polyurethanes’ turnover amounted to USD 2428 million (USD 2475 million), or -2.0 %, and its adjusted EBITDA 2was USD 352 million (USD 355 million). Performance products registered revenues of USD 1499 million (USD 1592 million), or -6.0 % and EBITDA was USD 165 million (USD 179 million). Advanced Materials generated revenues of USD 657 million (USD 686 million), or -4 %, and EBITDA was USD 59 million (unchanged), Textile Effects’ turnover increased by 6 %, or from USD380 million to USD 404 million, Pigments generated revenues of USD 664 million (USD 831 million), or -20.0 %, the EBITDA settled at USD 42 million (UISD 826 million), or -85 %. Turnover of eliminated businesses and other was USD 120 million (USD137 million), or -5.0 %.

The reasons for the impacts on sales have been local currency and exchange rate adjustments, sales mix and sales volumes, the latter had a positive influence of 8 % for Textile Effects, but also higher average selling prices due to higher raw material costs, as well as increased margins contributed to better results. Market shares in key markets were also up.

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