Innovation Across Retail Conference

The Innovation Across Retail Conference is scheduled for Tuesday, October 24 at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, USA

Meet the start-ups contributing to the revival of retail:

FTC is excited to announce four of our Consortium start-ups that will be showcasing industry-changing solutions at our upcoming Innovation Across Retail Conference. Meet the start-ups behind venture-backed industry solutions dedicated to the growth and future of retail. These four power players boast some of the latest cutting-edge tech solutions highlighting: Visual Search Applications, Machine Learning, AI, POS Integrations, and Data Analytics Software.

The Lineup:


Boasts next-generation software to help retailers understand their product trends and automate the process of content creation. Bllush was founded by three Israel Defense Force entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the worlds of AI and NLP. Content generated by Bllush can be found on leading retailers such as Zalando and Style River.





KonnecTo, a marketing analytics platform, has revolutionized niche marketing. Focusing on individual customers interactions at every touch-point, KonnecTo creates highly personalized actionable insights, saving retailers time and money.






Through its mobile retail integration software, Shopic allows customers to quickly and efficiently checkout from anywhere in the store– without having to wait in line. Providing the retailer with key data metrics to enhance customer engagement, product stock counts, and asset protection.


“Brings accuracy and speed to visual search allowing brands to expand their reach, where the world becomes their catalogue and any visual asset becomes instantly clickable and shoppable.”