The way you dress at work is forming your career

The way you dress at work is forming your career

OfficeTeam, a specialised company in the personnel sector has established a survey among 250 personnel managers in Switzerland and Germany and the results were incorporated in “Workplace Survey 2013”, established by an independent opinion research institute. The findings are not surprising, apart from putting all faculties at the disposition of a company and applying social competence, it is evident that the way you dress at work is additionally forming your career

64 % of the respondents in Switzerland declared that clothing has a certain or important influence in career advancing. A similar study in the USA revealed that 80 % of the respondents stated a correlation between outfit and career opportunities.

It seems that employees in general do not bring enough understanding in this respect, since 42 % of the respondents confirm that employees are inadequately dressed during work. Swiss HR respondents are underlining the fact of appropriate outfits, and 61 % of their colleagues in Germany state that the choice of clothing of employees as coherent.

If a person wishes to follow a career therefore should be dressed appropriately according to its work, firstly oriented to an existing dress code of a company and to choose the outfits just with another note of conservatism. Another criterion to be dressed appropriately is to take model at higher ranking and HR managers. Of course, the right business outfit is never the only decisive quality to achieve a higher career level, the person as such has to achieve a pleasant image with all adequate means, because moving up the ladder means also to take care of representative tasks.

Definitely these dressing parts should be left in the closet at home, namely sandals, flip-flops, T-shirts without sleeves, sneakers, training outfits, shorts, transparent female dresses or worn off jeans.

OfficeTeam has 300 worldwide affiliates and is, according to its own declaration, a leading intermediary specialist  for qualified temporary personnel for office and assisting management functions.

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