App to discover with psychological help your preferred colour

App to discover with psychological help your preferred colour

Fiat UK has launched the world’s first Facebook App on  July 19, 2013 that analyses ones tagged Facebook photos to discover what colour one is wearing most, what might mean about you and therefore what colour Fiat 500 one is best matched with

The Fiat 500 You Wear App was developed in association with Karen Haller, one of the leading authorities in the field of applied colour psychology. She examines the psychological traits that help define what colours people are attracted to and what it means about their personality.


The fun, fast and easy to use App is to be found on Fiat UK’s Facebook page. After scanning 25 of ones most recent Facebook photos and producing a personality analysis, and a car colour match, the App publishes the results so friends can see and be invited to play. Fiat will in turn be discussion the App with users on twitter.

Everyone who plays Fiat 500 You Wear is entered into a prize draw to win one of 50 High Street shopping vouchers and a grand prize of a VIP experience at London Fashion weekend in coming September. The more friends one invites to play, the more personal chance to win.

At the launching, Karen Haller commented on the importance of knowing what colour best suits you: “A fun Facebook App is a great way to find out what your favourite colour says about your personality and maybe find out something about yourself you may not have known. When you are spoilt for colour choice, as with clothes or a car with so many options like the Fiat 500, this App helps you find out what colour best matches your personality”. She added “in today’s world we want to be able to express ourselves, so it’s great that the Fiat 500 range gives us such variety of colour with which we can express our personalities. Other than your clothes, what else allows you to express your personality to the outside world and get noticed more than the car you drive?”

And Fiat Group Automobiles UK marketing director stated: “along with the many thousands different option combinations that can be applied to a Fiat 500, meaning the huge choice of vibrant colours. The shade of our customers’ 500s has always been important to them as illustrated when we launched Fiat 500 Colour Therapy last year. It is therefore highly appropriate – and great fun too – that the Fiat 500 is launching this excellent App”.

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