More on new Saurer Top Management Team

TextileFuture was reporting on the new members of the board of directors and the named CEO of the new Saurer Group.

Here are the other nominations: Spinning (Saurer. Schlafhorst, Saurer.Zinser) will be in the hands of Jan Röttgering; Twisting (Saurer.Allma and Saurer.Volkmann) will be headed by Wolfgang Leupers, and the business of Saurer.Embroidery will be handled by Simon Frei; Pre-Spinning is lead by Yiping Sheng, Saurer.Jinsheng,and at the helm of Components (Saurer. Accotex, Saurer.Daytex, Saurer.Fibrevision, Saurer.Heberlein, Saurer. Temco, Saurer.Textparts) is Jörg Spahlinger.

We wish to add that the new Saurer AG has a share capital of CHF one million and the one million registered shares have a face value of CHF 1.00. The company’s headquarter is located in Wattwil (CH).

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