Tanatex launches fluorin-free water repellent finishes

Tanatex launches fluorin-free water repellent finishes

On July 15, 2013 Tanatex Chemicals launched the HydrECO Concept, entailing comprehensive fluorine free alternatives to water repellents

WE all know that fluorocarbons are still the widely used state-of-the-art chemistry for water repellents, but with this goes the undesirable discharge of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), perfluorocatane sulfonate (PFOS), and fluortelomer alcohol (FTOH). These discharges are known for their persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic properties. These perfluorinated surfactants (PFS) are side products or non-reacted raw materials in the production of fluoropcarbons. The industry reacted to this problem, and has been a shifting away from C8 to C6 chain length, but the impurities and side products in these C6 fluorocarbons were subjected to critics and therefore the new approach offers fluorine free alternatives.

HydrECO Concept is a complementary alternative to the existing range from Tanatex. It offers excellent longlasting, high water repellence and eco friendliness because it is fluorine free. This new technology with 3D molecules ensures extreme waterproof articles, even under extreme circumstances. It can be practically applied to endless applications, such as outdoor rain- and sportswear, technical fabrics, such as awnings, boat covers and outdoor furnishings.

Within the new concept, BAYGARD® WRS is destined for synthetic fibres. The special polymers applied ensure a high and durable water repellent effect. In addition, the product offers a pleasant hand feel. The product does not contain any harmful substances such as heavy metals or formaldehyde. BAYGARD® WRC is based on hydrocarbons and particularly designed for cotton fibres, and blends from cotton and synthetic fibres. It is also a handle improver.  

Tanatex Chemicals (specialty chemicals, headquartered in Ede, Netherlands) comprises of two core business units: Textile Processing Solutions producing a wide variety of textile processing chemicals and Chemical Solutions producing performance chemicals for various industrial applications.  Thje production sites can be found in the Netherlands and Germany, and sales offices in EMEA, Latin America, India, USA, Asia Pacific and Japan.

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