Meltblown Technology to be plugged in

Meltblown Technology to be plugged in

Oerlikon Neumag  (Germany) is extending its nonwoven product line and provides meltblown systems as inserts in existing and new outside vendor SXS plants

Oerlikon Neumag Meltblown TechnologyOerlikon Neumag Meltblown Technology

The first two new Neumag meltblown “Plug & Produce Solutions” were commissioned in a new SXXS line for hygiene and medical nonwovens in America. Those two units 3.2 meter wide spinning beams developed by Oerlikon Neumag will produce up to 4000 t of PP meltblown nonwovens per annum. Within SMMS nonwovens, the meltblown web assumes a barrier function, without negatively affecting the breathability of surface characteristics of the finished nonwovens. Due to the newly introduced Oerlikon Neumag technology, nonwoven producers can vary their nonwoven characteristics according to the market requirements. Another upgrade system with similar technological requirements is in the start-up phase, declares Stefan Kross, CEO of the Oerlikon Manmade Fibres Segment.

So far, Oerlikon Neumag only offered meltblow stand-alone plants. The extended business activities now offer the segment new opportunities in the spunbond market. The solution enables customers to upgrade a new or existing spunbond system and the benefit to access markets with particularly high quality standards. A wide product range is covered by Neumag’s meltblown technology, including a vast variety of processing polymers and producible fibre finenesses.

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