Trützschler Nonwovens at Techtexil 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany

Trützschler Nonwovens at Techtexil 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany

It was German Trützschler who presented at Techtextil 2013 – according to in-house information – the most comprehensive machinery programme for the production of nonwovens and Technical Textiles. Trützschler Nonwovens, Trützschler Card Clothing and Trützschler Man-Made Fibres provided extensive information on complete plants, machines, card clothing, individual components, as well as relevant services

Truetzschler at techtextil 2013

Visitor’s interests focused on components for web formation and the Aqua Jet (17 years of experience and 100 installations delivered), the new cooperation with Voith Paper, or the Bastian winding and slitting solutions, a business integrated one year ago.

In spring, the Trützschler Nonwovens & Man Made Fibres delivered the 100th AquaJet to Norafin Industries in Mildenau (D). In the field of hydro-entanglement, Norafin was partner from the beginning. The technological partnership over 17 years since the introduction of the AquaJet has provided growth for both companies.

Technical Texiles provided another milestone by linking the traditional Bastian brand with the name of Trützschler Nonwovens and allowed to demonstrate that the reliable Bastian technology stays alive with new developments and the support of a strong group. It also makes Trützschler the sole provider offering complete nonwoven lines from a single source.

The complete solution for the production of wet laid and hydro-entangled nonwovens inspired producers the business ideas. The exhibited material for flushable wipes was well received by nonwovens manufacturers and converters from a variety of industries. In cooperation with Voith Paper – the company provides the equipment for web forming and water circuit – it has been possible to create a web that compares favourably with established end products in the market.

As we know, the production of staple fibres, industrial yarns and carbon fibres stand at the beginning of the processed chain leading to finished Technical Textiles. The market requirements for smaller spinning capacities for special applications were met in particular by the solution presented for size and optimised performance, in other words these are one stage staple fibre installations.

Rather unexpected was the visitors high technical interest in all areas. Existing and potential customers made ample use in details of the process expertise provided by Trützschler Card Clothing on issues like materials, end products, and sustainable processes.

On the second day of Techtextil, Trützschler’s Nonwovens site in Dülmen celebrated the award bestowed by the Walter Reiners Foundation by the German Textile Machinery Industry to Dülmen Director of Engineering, Dr. Heiko Schenuit for the best dissertation.  His work in the field of energy efficiency provides textile manufacturers and textile machinery manufacturers with a method for energy specific process optimisation. In part, the results relating to air-jet weaving can be directly applied by weaving mills to save compressed air.

In addition, Trützschler’s booth had visitors deriving from Germany and Europe, as well as several Chinese delegations, the latter, among others, visited also the production facility and technical centre in Egelsbach.

Also at Shanghaitex, Shanghai (PRC), taking place during the same time as Techtextil, Trützschler has been present with products of Trützschler Spinning, but visitors have shown interest in Trützschler Man Made Fibres and particularly in installations for spinning carpet yarns and the production of carbon fibres.

We are all aware of the fact that Trützschler’s product ranges convince entire markets and industry, and that quality and innovative power are the recognised propelling forces to lead the future of the group of companies.

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