German Rudolf Group reports success as a newcomer to Techtextil

German Rudolf Group reports success as a newcomer to Techtextil

German Rudolf Group – the molecular manufactory – had a good start at Techtexil/Texprocess 2013 in Frankfurt (D) showcasing innovative process systems, functional finishing and trend setting technical and fashion coatings

The flow of visitors was impressive and existing and new customers’ frequency was high.  Visitors were fascinated by the 10 m display to start the visit at the booth. In the focus was the bonding range, as well as the large digital print on cotton. Also of interest were functional finishes such as fluorine containing of fluorine free water, oil and soil repellents (RUCO-GUARD® and BIONIC-FINISH®), further polymeric dispersions for the most diverse applications (®RUCO-COAT, ®RUCO-PLAST, ®RUCO-BOND), as well as solutions for flame retardants (®RUCO-FLAM).

Other highlights were the Rudolf Moisture Management system and the SILVERPLUS® hygienic system for sportswear and the apparel sector. The Process Chemicals Division presented an inkjet pre-treatment on cotton with reactive dyes, and on polyamide and wool with acid dyes. Also showcased were textile auxiliaries in pre-treatment processes, and dyeing with reduced process costs and less energy consumption.

The new Coating Division presented “high-end” coatings on woven fabrics, and nonwovens, water impermeable, flame retardant, vapour permeability and oil and water repellents. It has to be stated that water based systems are gaining importance, the focus on HYBRIDTEX® system, particularly the newly designed HYPRIDTEX® invers created a high interest.

After this initial success, the company will make sure to participate also in Techtextil/Techprocess 2015.

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