Joint venture between World Bank and Alcantara to the benefit of climate and sustainablility

Joint venture between World Bank and Alcantara to the benefit of climate and sustainablility

During the Milan Design Week, in April 2013, an unusual partnership took place between the World Bank and Alcantara( a one hundred percent carbon neutral company), the Italian producer of high end material for car interiors and the fashion industry. The uneven pair sponsored a series of panel discussions to focus on issues related to climate change and sustainability

DE08302alcantarUnder the motto “Alcantara Dialogues – Connect4Climate: Re-think, Re-Design, Re-New” the programme was co-hosted by the World Bank’s Coinnect4Climate (C4C) . The discussion series featured leaders from the worlds of design, architecture, fashion, global advocacy, entertainment, and the arts and took place at the Temporary Museum for New Design, Milan during the Milan Design Week (April 9 -14).

The panellists included Corrado Clini, Italian Minister of the Environment; Cyril Muller, World Bank’s Vice President for External Affairs; film producer Donald Ranvaud; Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia editor-in-chief; Bette Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate; and Kenny Young, Grammy Award winning songwriter and founder of Artists Project Earth (APE).

The high level discussions were moderated by Joseph Grima, editor of Domus, Eliza Anyangwe, senior content coordinator for the Guardian; Zoe Fox, content coordinator from Mashable, and MTV host Izzy Lawrence and the event took place in a pavilion designed by internationally renowned architect Giulio Cappellini, using Alcantara materials to create an innovative sensory experience. The space also featured a C4C exhibition of climate stories and images from around the world.

The C4C initiative is a global partnership dedicated to climate change communication, supported by the World Bank, the Italian Ministry of Envirn9onment and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), IN COLLABORATION WITH MORE THAN 150 GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE PARTNERS. With over half a million followers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels, C4C is building an ever growing community of individuals and organisations around the world committed to climate change action.

The idea behind the event was to stimulate conversations by thought leaders from a wide variety of disciplines to create greater understanding for how sustainable design and business practices can impact social behaviour to mitigate climate change.

Alcantara who was a pioneer in creating artificial leather is headquartered in Milan, with R&D and production facilities in Nera Montoro, Umbria (I) and  its unique patented technology is applied in the automotive, marine, fashion, home interior and consumer electronic industries. A registered trademark of Alcantara S.p.A. has been certified as “carbon neutral”, adding to its appeal for companies and consumers with a strong interest in the environment.   

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