Further decreasing Chinese Exports

Further decreasing Chinese Exports

Exports fell in June 3.1 % against last year, in May they advanced a meagre one percent. Experts expected a growth of better than 3.0 %

It is not the only figure decreasing, also imports fell 0.7 %, already in May 0.3 %, and there are missing the economist’s agreed median forecast of a 5.5 % increase. Together with the rising Inflation to 2.7 % these are not so good news for the Chinese economy. On the other hand industrial output is estimated at 9.1 % in June, in May the figure was 9.2 %China’s trade surplus widened in June from USD 20.43 billion in May to USD 27.13 billion. The official MPI dropped from 50.7 to 50.1 points, and the one issued by HSBC fell from 49.2 to 48.2 %.

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