Successful presentation of textile firms of the Nord Pas de Calais (F) at Techtextil 2013

Successful presentation of textile firms of the Nord Pas de Calais (F) at Techtextil 2013

Seven new participants from the French region Nord Pas de Calais exhibiting in the halls materials and fibres/filaments/ yarns at the late Techtextil 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany, report a successful debut

All in all 75 exhibitors were exhibiting under the umbrella of French Ubifrance, thereof 33 are members of the UP-tex cluster and CLUBTEX business network.

Devan Chemicals is one of the cluster and business and was bestowed with the prize on Innovation in the New Materials category. The company has developed a new formulation that allows polypropylene (PP) to be dyed in fibre form and in a conventional process. TextileFuture has reported already on this development. The company reports a high flock of technical visitors interested in the revolutionary invention.

A wide range of ropes and cables is the business of Cousin Trestec, and the company has been looking for new customers to export, however already before the fair a share of 40 % of total turnover were exported, mainly to the Far East and the Golf region. Investments in R&D and the development of new products allowed the penetration many new market fields, such as extreme sports, sailing and climbing, construction, events organisation and aeronautics. A particular achievement represents its new extra light, extra strong jammer CONSTRICTOR® 2013 to conquer the Pacific region and the USA, including the possible winner of the America’s cup. Another novelty are the new patented, aerodynamic FUSION® ropes destined for kite-surfing, are braided and drawn hot and have a polymer core allowing increased stiffness and it makes them easier to untangle. They are able to resist loads of 330 daN and the Fusion lines are indestructible. For each sport there is the appropriate fibre, such as polyamide, polyester, aramid or high modulus polyethylene (HMP) to meet particular needs and performance requirements.

Delannoy Frères was founded as a company 150 years ago and is renowned for its fire hoses. Now such hoses convey fluids and powders over long distances, and thanks to their woven tubular construction, over land and under water. The lightweight material is resistant to high tensile stresses and pressures. It is adaptable to different diameters. The worldwide concern on water resources adds a great potential market in transportation and supply of fresh water. The company is working on projects developed by Via Marina, the engineering and construction project led by VINCI, using its patented Submariver® system to transport large quantities of water over long distances using a flexible underwater hose.

For the first time CETI, the European Centre for innovative Textiles was participating the first time at Techtextil and around hundred visitors were visiting the stand and around fifty potential contacts showed high interest in spinning and nonwovens technologies. Following some specific requests, tests will soon be underway. Some large accounts in various applications have already booked a visit to the research centre and the new multi-sector technology platform. There were also meetings with suppliers of raw materials and equipment for CETI’s second development phase. TextileFuture has already reported on the inauguration of CETI and the projects deriving.

The cluster UP-tex was present in the shared space organised by Nord de France CCI, and its aim was to attract technical visitor companies as new operators for the Textile Recycling Valley in the North Euro region (classification, sorting, use and processing of resources, off-cuts from textile production and scraps. In early 2014, CETI will organise a special day in this respect to discuss and exchange ideas for recycling textiles, other than for energy use or landfill.

CLUBTEX in turn reports many constructive contacts. Its industrial members, both old faithful and new recruits, who export near to 50 % of their production were lauding the contacts made, some of them with specific demands leading probably to an upturn for the industry in 2014.


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