Unbelievable, but true: wearing the same clothes for 40 years

Unbelievable, but true: wearing the same clothes for 40 years

Unbelievable, but absolutely true: A teacher in Dallas, Texas (USA) – according to a feature in Dallas Morning News – has been wearing the same clothes for the photograph of the year book of its classes over 40 years

It all started with unwanted neglecting, than it became a wanted joke, and was ending a year ago as a true legend.

Sport’s teacher Dale Irby was wearing the combination clothes in 1973 for the first time, a white polyester shirt and a mustard coloured pullover. In 1974 he noticed that he was wearing the same clothes, and he was feeling very uneasy when he noticed it. In 1975 his wife suggested that he should wear the same combination again, whereas he thought that he should wear it – as a nice joke – for five years in a row, instead he was wearing the same clothes for 40 years and it is documented every year by the official photograph taken for the School’s Yearbook.

Dale Irby retired last year and he was mighty proud of the fact that he fitted into the clothes he put on the first time as a 23 year old!

TextileFuture thinks it is a nice joke, however there are certain truths: For one, he was not wearing them continuously, and two it proves that – at least at that time – the quality of clothes was unquestioned and durable. The mentality to get away with clothes every season to make room in the closet was not yet fashionable. Thirdly, we are sure that his wife was treating the pieces with extra loving care for her beloved one and his enduring procedure!

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