DyStar with specific products now Cradle to Cradle certified

DyStar with specific products now Cradle to Cradle certified

Since early 2002 DyStar® has cooperated with EPEA International Umweltforschung GmbH to comply with certain products for the Cradle to Cradle® rules and design concepts

Cradle to Cradle® (registered trademark of McDonough Braungart Design Chjemistry LLC) is a design concept to improve product quality for the user, no health risk at any stage of the product’s life cycle, economic and ecological benefit, the products are degradable.

Various DyStar® products have been assessed by EPEA and according its specific criteria leading to a positive list, including chemicals, materials and auxiliaries at least tolerable for inclusion in a Cradle to Cradle® product and corresponding with its intended use, as well depending on available toxicity data.

DyStar® entered this process to offer transparency in view to risks, purchasing and process management, to optimise environmental and waste costs and to allow a better understanding of social aspects along the supply chain, in conclusion to reach an overall added value cycle.

As we witnessed all, DyStar® has initiated also innovative sustainable products and has shown great progress in its sustainability report over the last two years.


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