Thailand wishes to be recognised as a country of Logistics Excellence

Thailand wishes to be recognised as a country of Logistics Excellence

In conjunction with the contest for Export Logistics Model Award ELMA 2013 there is a high interest of producers, importers, exporters and logistics service providers, all aiming to raise logistics management standards of local enterprises. Up to July 19, 2013 entries are possible

Suwipan Thisyamondol, Deputy Director General of the Thai Ministry of Commerce, respectively of its Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce declared that the annual ELMA has been organised to upgrade local logistics management capabilities to raise competitiveness of local enterprises as well as prepare them for the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community. He added: Thai emerging regional market comprises and integrates the entire supply chain, including trade networks, production, raw material and labour supply. As a result, logi8stics and supply management provide the key to successful conduct of business enterprises. Logistics management helps also to strengthen customers confidence, thus excellent trade logistics management will propel Thai business to success on a sustainable basis.

In the launching ceremony of June 12, 2013 ELMA and its aim were discussed with experts from the industry. This year’s focus is on logistics service providers, users of logistics services, importers/exporters , small enterprises and large global players. The user group is divided into two sub-groups, agricultural produce, agro-products and pharmaceuticals, the second relates to all other industrial products. The logistic service providers are grouped in three categories:; services, namely cargo transportation, warehousing services, and logistics service providers. All in all, 10 awards will be bestowed. Winners will reap benefits and producers, importers/exporters will gain advantages. Details can be had from the following link.

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