ACIMIT members promote textile machinery in Ethiopia

ACIMIT members promote textile machinery in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian market of textiles and garments offers, according to ACIMIT, the umbrella organisation of textile machinery manufacturers and this is why a delegation is visiting this country from July 1 – 4, 2013

The mission is organised by the Italian Trade Promotion Agency and ACIMIT and eight associated member companies, Bianco, Corino, Fadis, Marzoli, Mesdan, Reggiani, Savio and Stalam will travel to Addis Abeba.

From 2004 to 2010, Ethiopia had a GDP General Domestic Product growth of 11 %, ranking among the world’s fastest growing economies. In 2012 the growth rate was 7 % and experts estimate that it will remain at this level in the coming years. The value of Italian exports amounted in 2012 to around two million EUR and Italian spinning and finishing machinery are most in demand by Ethiopian textile producers.

The new ACIMIT President, Raffaella Carabelli stated; “Ethiopia is a country with great prospects and willing to invest in order to allow its textile sector to continue to grow. The goal of this mission is not just to present what our sector has to offer, but to develop a dialogue with local authorities to seek a long time cooperation”.

We have reported that Raffaella Carabelli, born in Sorengo (CH), became new ACIMIT President last week, now we add some details as to the person. After earning her MBA from Milan’s L. Bocconi University, she entered her family’s business, Fadis S.p.A.,  a manufacturer of yarn processing machinery. Her responsibility was overseeing its sales management operations. She has been a Board member of ACIMIT since 2005, serving as vice president since 2009. She also represents ACIMIT at ITMF International Textile Manufacturers Federation, and is a member of the Italian delegation at CEMATEX, the Committee of European Textile Machinery Associations.

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