Lenzing’s net fibre bestowed with fibre PLUS 2013

On June 18, 2013 at a gala awards ceremony the printissimo/embalissimo/fibre PLUS Awards from Austropapier were bestowed in Vienna (A). The project submitted by the Packaging Centre Graz “Vegetable Nets from Cellulose Fibres”, made of 100 % Lenzing Modal® Color was awarded in the category fibre PLUS

Three Lenzing representatives were accepting the prize, and Marina Crnoja-Cosic (Lenzing Textile Engineering) stated: “fibre PLUS is already the second award our nets were bestowed. For us, this is a clear signal of the growing environmental awareness in the packaging sector. At the same time, we consider this award as a mandate to move ahead in this direction”.

The innovative and completely biodegradable vegetable nets (100 % Lenzing fibres) ar the results of a successful cooperation between fibre producer Lenzing AG, yarn manufacturer Borckenstein and the Packaging Centre Graz (net producer). Since the begi9nning of 2013, these nets have already been used by the organic food supplier Ja!Natürlich (Yes! Naturally by REWE), and now also by “Zurück zum Ursprung” (returning to the source) by Hofer.

As we all know, Lenzing Modal® is produced from European beech wood and is 100 % natural and a true sustainable product.

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