German Karl Mayer presented itself at Techtexil as expert technical partner with “feelings”

German Karl Mayer presented itself at Techtexil as expert technical partner with “feelings”

Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik, Obertshausen (D) has been showcasing at Techtextil 2013 in Frankfurt, a large palette of applications on its newest types of machines, this by letting visitors experience and feel products made by these machines

Abb2(42)The visitor has been able to witness various room elements within the booth made from warp-knitted, sound absorbing spacer textiles or by examining stretch shading textiles adapting dynamically to light conditions, thus one could state an expert technical partner delivering also “feelings”.

Acoustic spacer textiles tend to considerably reduce noise levels. The ones presented contained light strips and diodes, and they were shaped to created futuristic room structures. This was awakening the curiosity of visiting manufacturers and discussions ignited with engineering firms and representatives from university textile institutes on building shells and making use of 3D warp knitted textiles. Michael Kieren, Product Manager, declared: “Our concept for using functional 3D warp-knitted textiles in applications other than their normal use as padding/cushioning impressed visitors. We were able to discuss projects with some manufacturers, for whom we are likely to act as networkers and consultants in the future”. Also ideas for using spacer textiles as insulating materials were evaluated in detail. Spacer textiles offer an enormous functional potential. As we all know, Karl Mayer is a machinery producer of high-speed, double-bar Raschel machines for producing spacer textiles and offers a long standing experience in textile development.

Other discussions were directed to a large number of two dimensional textiles produced on Karl Mayers’s tricot and raschel machines with a focus on fabrics for functional clothing or seat covers, and shading applications, such as privacy screens, for the medical sector and car interiors. A great deal of interest was shown by visitors (around 60 % of all conversations), who had previously no contact with Karl Mayer. Rainer Baier, textile developer at Karl Mayer, stated:”Everyone is looking for something special, for the right level of knowhow and the corresponding technical solution for their requirements. There were many new ideas expressed and just waiting for the right warp knitted textile to come about. Many of them have already been put into practice”.

A good example of successful product development jointly with partners is the stretch sun screen textile OMBRA-DLS®. It is a warp knitted grid like textile that combines stretch warp yarns with tape yarns. These are inserted by a magazine weft system adjustable to specifically suit the amount of solar or thermal radiation impinging on the textile. The result is a constant light diffusion and climate management. This innovation was presented jointly by the partners involve, namely Elasol and Penn Textile Solutions. Markus Regenstein, managing director of the latter was favourably impressed by the interest shown by visitors. He stated: “We are looking for global distribution channels and partners, and we made some promising contacts at the fair, mostly from South America, India, Europe and China”. “Also new possible applications were discussed”, claims Leo Jasper, Elasol’s managing director. The raschel magazine weft-insertion has been developed by Karl Mayer Malimo. Of course there was also demonstrated interest, mainly from existing customers, in other applications such as coating/backing substrates, geo-textiles and nets. Karl Mayer’s Warp Preparation solutions were also in the focus, and it is noteworthy to state the range of technical textiles is on the rise and the company offers the high tech warp preparation machines, the Opt-O-Matic sectional warping machine in particular with high efficiency, productivity and flexibility, allowing to process glas, basalt and carbon, as well as monofilaments.

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